Managing the Rooster Card Settings

Checking and updating the Card Settings

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Parents/Guardians can control where/how the card is spent as well as setting spending limits to control spend over a given time period.

Card Spending Limits

You can set spending limits for:

  • Daily Spend

  • Weekly Spend

  • Monthly Spend

  • ATM Withdrawal Limits

  • Single Transaction Limits

Please Note: There is an annual spending limit per Rooster Card that cannot be edited via the app - if you have any questions about the annual limit please reach out to the team at

To check and change the spending limits:

  • Tap 'Card' underneath your Child's tile on the Family Dashboard

  • Select 'Card Settings' at the bottom of the list

  • Select 'Card Spending Limits' at the top of the next page

  • From here you can toggle on and set limits, or you can edit limits that you have previously set

Where can the card be used?

The Card Settings menu also lets Parents/Guardians decide where the card can be used, and you can toggle on/off the settings for spend at:

  • ATMs

  • In Store

  • Contactless

  • Online

  • Spending Abroad in person

If your child attempts to spend at a location that you have turned off in the settings, the transaction will be declined.

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