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Why is this transaction declined as being on the monitoring list?
Why is this transaction declined as being on the monitoring list?

Explaining the Rooster Money Monitor list and how this can affect transactions.

Updated over a week ago

If your child has recently experienced a decline because the merchant is on the monitor list, then this means the merchant has categorised themselves to VISA a being a venue for adults only.

For some merchants like a pub, bar or gambling venues it's accepted that these venues will have a categorisation designed to exclude children.

However, the categorisation of some day to day places might seem out of place:

Juice bars, Cafes, Coffee shops etc - may have categorised themselves as 'Drinking Places'. Although they're not incorrect, there is no way of differentiating between 'Drinking Places' that serve soft drinks and 'Drinking Places' that serve alcohol, as a result we don't accept any merchants with the 'Drinking Places' category code.

Leisure Centres, Stadium or Theatre Bars - may also have categorised their bar area as 'Drinking Places'.

Hotels - We classify hotels as being an adult only purchase. Depending on how hotel facilities have classified themselves, they may be pulling through the category code of 'hotel' instead of gift shop etc.

Local 'corner' shops - Some local shops with a liquor license may have the category code 'Beer wholesalers' instead of Grocery shop.

How merchants categorise themselves to VISA is entirely between the merchant and VISA and we are unable to change a merchant's category code in order to allow the Rooster Card to be accepted.

Parent/Guardians can reach out to the merchant directly to advise them of the decline, if the merchant is likely to frequently sell to children this categorisation will affect all cards issued specifically to children.

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