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Monthly or Annual Rooster Card Subscription
Monthly or Annual Rooster Card Subscription
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As of May 2022, customers can now sign up for either a monthly or annual Rooster Card subscription.

Annual - At £19.99 per year, taking out the annual subscription will save your family over 15% of the cost of the Rooster Card. Each year, annual families will pay for their subscription using the card linked to their Rooster Subscription.

Families on the annual plan can't move to the monthly plan once the annual plan has begun, but you can choose not to renew the annual subscription at the end of your current plan, and then renew and choose the monthly plan instead.

Monthly - You can now take out a monthly Rooster Card subscription for £1.99 per month and subscriptions are paid directly from the Parent Account each month.

Families on the monthly plan can upgrade to an annual plan at the end of each month, by choosing not to renew their monthly subscription and then choosing to move to the new annual plan.

As long as you move between subscriptions within a 3 month period of your previous subscription ending, then the Rooster Card will remain active and none of your account details will change. In the event that a subscription ends and you do not renew on either the monthly or annual plan within the next 3 months, then this will be counted as a brand new subscription and you will need to order a new Rooster Card.

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