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Monthly or Annual Rooster Card Subscription
Monthly or Annual Rooster Card Subscription
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Customers can upgrade to a Rooster Card subscription with either a monthly or annual subscription. Customers with an eligible NatWest Group account can read more about the NatWest Group offer here.

Annual - At £19.99 per year, taking out the annual subscription will save your family over 15% of the cost of the Rooster Card. Each year, annual families will pay for their subscription using the card linked to their Rooster Subscription.

Families on the annual plan will not be able move over to a monthly plan until their current annual plan has expired. However, at any point during the annual subscription, families can choose to move to the monthly subscription as soon as the annual subscription is due to renew.

Monthly - You can now take out a monthly Rooster Card subscription for £1.99 per month and subscriptions are paid directly from the Parent Account each month.

Families on the monthly subscription cannot move to an annual subscription at a later date.

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