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What ID will you need from me to set up a NatWest Rooster Card?
What ID will you need from me to set up a NatWest Rooster Card?

Quick guide on what checks we perform to set up your account

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Like all financial institutions we have to ensure that our customers pass Know Your Client (KYC) checks. This is not a credit check, and applying for a NatWest Rooster Card will not affect your credit score.

When you sign up for the Rooster Card you may be asked to provide two forms of identification, this is made up of one proof of ID and one proof of address.

There are a number of strict requirements as to the documents we can accept:

Proof of ID

We can only accept government issued photo proof of ID. We are unable to accept Birth Certificates or any other ID that does not include a photo:

  • UK Full Driver's License (we cannot accept provisional licenses)

  • Valid UK Passport

  • UK proof of residency card in addition to a government issued Passport

  • Government issued Citizenship card

Proof of Address

  • Driver's License (we can only accept this as proof of address if it is not also used as proof of ID)

  • Electronic or postal utility bill from a recognised UK provider dated within the last 3 months (this must show a charge incurred at the property, we cannot accept general marketing letters or account opening letters)

  • Postal only bank statement dated in the last 3 months (we cannot accept electronic statements or screenshots of online accounts and we cannot accept a NatWest bank statement)

You can upload these documents directly via the app, or reach out to our Customer Service team and they will direct you as to how to upload these in-app.

How long do the checks take?

For most customers checks are completed immediately.

However, if we require additional documents from you then these checks can take one working day to be completed.

Please be aware that if the documents we receive are out of date, blurry or deviate from the list of documents we request, then we will reach out to you to request a different document or picture and this will increase the time it takes to complete the checks.

What if I do not have photo proof of ID?

We will be unable to progress with your application without photo proof of ID, but our team will be more than happy to pause your application if you are in the process of obtaining photo proof of ID, the team will then be able to continue with your application once you've sent over your new ID.

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