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Understanding real vs virtual money
Understanding real vs virtual money
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We understand that all families are different, which is why we offer a range of subscriptions.

Our Rooster Money Tracker is entirely free, there are no fees to pay and no way to add real money to the Parent Account.

The balance you see in your child’s account is a virtual balance to help you track how much pocket money your child has earned, whilst keeping the balance in your own account until your child is ready to spend it.

Rooster Money PLUS subscription has a fee of £0.99 monthly and allows you to upgrade your account to add and track chores, and to link this to your kids virtual allowance.

Parents still can’t add real money, but you and your child can track how much they’ve earned by doing chores, and just like the Tracker you keep the real money in your own bank account until your child is ready to spend it.

The Rooster Card is £19.99 per year (or £1.99 per month) and this is the only product that allows parents to reward their children with real money. You can deposit or withdraw money into a Parent Account from your bank account (see how here), and link this to your regular allowance period, or use it for one off boost/remove from your child’s account.

Children who have access to real money will be under the ‘Account and Card’ section beneath the Parent Account on the family dashboard, and their available balance will be next to the ‘Card Balance’. Children with virtual money will be under the ‘Virtual Tracker’ section with their available balance next to their ‘Spend Balance’

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