Enabling fingerprint and Face ID (biometrics) authentication 

You can now add an extra layer of security to the RoosterMoney app with biometrics authentication! Biometrics authentication is a quick and secure way to access your app while protecting it from others. It is quicker than typing your password and adds an additional level of security to the app.

There are several types of biometric authentication. The most commonly used ones are fingerprint scanning on android devices, and Touch ID and Face ID on iPhones and iPads. We support all of these methods to secure your app

How do I set up biometrics authentication?

First, you must install app version 5.3.0 or above on a device that has biometrics capabilities (e.g. fingerprints, Touch ID or Face ID). 

Open the Menu in the top-right corner of the RoosterMoney app, then tap “Manage Account”, then tap "Fingerprint and Face ID login"

If you do not see this  your device does not support biometrics (or you are on an older version of the app).

To enable, tap on the biometrics option. You will be asked  to authenticate the account with your fingerprint or face to proceed. 

You can also decide where you want to use biometrics. To save your changes, you will be asked to enter your password.

You can disable biometrics at any time by going back to "Account settings", selecting the biometrics option, and switching these options off.

Please note: If you share the same device with your children, be extra careful of turning on biometrics for yourself. If your child’s fingerprints and your fingerprints can unlock the same device, your child could access the parent section of the app if parent biometrics is turned on.

What about my children? Can they use this on their device?

Yes, if your child has their own device which they can unlock with their fingerprint or with Face ID, they can use this to secure the app as well. 

To set this up: 

They will be asked to authenticate the account with their fingerprint or face to proceed.

They can then decide where to use biometrics. To save the changes, they will be asked to enter their password.

Once this is turned on, your child will be able to see the “Secure with …” biometrics button in their menu if their device supports biometrics. 

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