If you're having problems connecting your NatWest Group account to the app, start by making sure that you are eligible to connect:

  • Are you trying to connect to a UK based NatWest Group, Royal Bank of Scotland or Ulster current account?

  • Do you have a child profile set up and is the child aged between 6 - 17 years old?

  • Is there a chance that you have already connected your NatWest Group bank account to a different NatWest Rooster Money account?

There may be a name mismatch on your NatWest Group account and your NatWest Rooster Money account. If you have changed your surname recently, or if you have created a NatWest Rooster Money account with a shortened version of your name then there may be a delay whilst the team check your details.

If you are trying to link your NatWest Rooster Money account to a joint bank account, ensure that either you are signing into your bank account using your own login details, or you have added your Partner to the account as a Secondary and they are signing into the joint bank account using their own login details. If you are trying to access a joint bank account using your Partners login details then the wrong name may be pulled through and the connection could be rejected.

If you are unable to connect your bank account, please reach out to Customer Services in-app or at hello@roostermoney.com.

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