Yes. As a Primary Parent or Guardian you can withdraw money from the Parent Account back to your personal bank account.

If you need to withdraw money that has already been moved to a Child's account, then you can edit the Pot the money is currently in to transfer this money back to your Parent Account in order to withdraw it.

For Secondary Parents/Guardians, you will not be able to withdraw money from the Parent Account, and you will need to ask the Primary Parent to arrange a withdrawal for you.

Transfer out requests take one working day to be actioned, and if a transfer request is created on the Friday or on a Weekend day, it will not be processed until the following working day. If you load money to your Parent Account within 24 hours of the bank transfer request being made, the bank transfer will not be processed until the next working day after this.

To make a bank transfer just follow these steps:

  • From your family dashboard, tap on your Parent Account

  • Tap the quick action button “...” in the bottom right corner

  • Choose Manage money option and then tap Bank Transfer

  • Select any recipients that you have previously set up, or tap Add new recipient and enter the relevant details

  • Type in the amount of the withdrawal and then Confirm

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