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The NatWest Rooster Money Offer
How does NatWest Rooster Money work?
How does NatWest Rooster Money work?

An overview of the NatWest Rooster Money app

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We are proud to offer the NatWest Rooster Money card for children aged between 6-17.

The NatWest Rooster Money Card is a prepaid VISA which allows allows children to spend their money independently.

Flexible parental controls let you choose where and how much your kids can spend, and with no risk of going overdrawn, you can let your kids take the next step towards confident money management.

The NatWest Rooster Money Card includes all of our Rooster PLUS features such as setting up a chore schedule and allowing Parents and Guardians to link payment of an allowance to the completion of chores.

For families with young children, or children not yet ready to graduate to a NatWest Rooster Card we offer:

  • NatWest Rooster Money Tracker; a free version of our app that allows families to add/remove a virtual balance to help track pocket money. Parents and Guardians can also create a virtual sticker chart to reward good behaviour.

  • NatWest Rooster PLUS; for 99p per month, families who aren't yet ready to use real money can still create and track a chore schedule. With PLUS you can also set up regular outgoings for subscriptions like Netflix or XBox to help children better understand monthly outgoings.

Do I have to pay extra for the NatWest Rooster PLUS features if I have the NatWest Rooster Card?

NatWest Rooster PLUS features including creating chores and linking these to an allowance are included in the existing NatWest Rooster Card benefits. There is no need to pay an additional subscriptions for these benefits.

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