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I don’t have a NatWest Group account, but my partner does, can I use their account details?
I don’t have a NatWest Group account, but my partner does, can I use their account details?

A brief guide on how families can still be eligible for the NatWest Rooster Money offer, even if the Primary Parent isn't

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Yes, if your Partner or another Guardian is eligible to take advantage of the offer, then you can add them to your Rooster Money account as a Secondary Parent/Guardian. Once they have been added to the account, they will be able to connect their own bank account from their profile.

If the Secondary Parent/Guardian on the account connects their bank account, does this mean that they are now the Lead Parent?

No. The Primary Parent (the parent who sets up the account) will always remain as the Primary Parent regardless as to whose bank account is connected to the NatWest Rooster Money app.

There is currently no way for the Primary Parent to swap with a Secondary Parent, and put someone else in charge of the account.

Can I log into my Partner’s NatWest Group account from my profile?

No, if you log into another NatWest Group account other than your own, we will be unable to match the information provided on your NatWest Rooster Money account to your NatWest Group current account, and the connection will be rejected. Please instead add your Partner as a Secondary Parent to your existing NatWest Rooster Money account and request that they link their profile to their NatWest Group account from their own profile.

My Partner and I have a joint bank account, whose details do I put in?

When you are logging into your online banking account from the NatWest Rooster Money app, you must use your own login credentials in order to successfully join the two. Make sure that even if a joint account is being used, you are only using your login credentials to access your NatWest Group account to confirm the connection. If your Partner logs into your joint account it will pull through their details instead of your own and the connection will be rejected.

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