Approving a payment via the app

A quick guide on what to do if the merchant asks you to approve a payment via the RoosterMoney app

Updated over a week ago

Due to some regulatory changes, online purchases now have to be verified via a process known as Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

This means that when you or your child are trying to make an online purchase, the merchant will now ask for the payment to be approved in the RoosterMoney app first.

Once you’ve submitted your payment on the merchant's site, you’ll see a new screen asking you to open the RoosterMoney app to approve the payment. If you have notifications switched on, you’ll also get a pop-up notification with the same message.

Once you’ve opened up your Rooster Money app, you’ll be asked to approve (or decline) the payment.

Once you’ve approved the payment, you’ll see a confirmation screen. You then need to head back to the merchant site to continue with the payment.

If you have any problems approving a payment in the RoosterMoney app just drop us a message at and we'll be happy to help!

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