How to use the Reward Pot
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What is the Reward Pot?

When setting up a new custom pot, you can now select the Rewards option, to create a virtual sticker chart. Your Rewards Pot can be used to encourage actions or behaviours (outside of normal chores) and then support these actions with positive reinforcement for your child beyond monetary rewards!

When creating the Rewards Pot, you can decide how many stickers your child needs to achieve, and can set a reward for them to earn when they fill their pot with the target stickers.

How to add a Reward Pot

  • Open the dashboard of the child you want to add a Reward Pot for

  • Tap the + icon to add a new pot and choose ‘Reward’

  • Type the action or behaviour they will earn stickers for

  • Type in the reward they will earn

  • You can customise the pot by adding a picture and colour

  • Make it fun by choosing from 14 different stickers for their pot

  • Set how many stickers they need to earn their reward

How to add and remove stickers

  • Open the Reward Pot from your child’s dashboard

  • Tap the three dots in the bottom right to open up options for the Pot

  • Tap on ‘Add Sticker’ to add a sticker to the Pot

  • You or your child can then drag the Sticker into an available slot in their Reward Pot

  • To remove a sticker, just tap ‘Remove Sticker’

To help positively reinforce what they’ve done, we’d encourage you to give the phone to your child once you’ve added a sticker and let them drag the sticker into place.

How to edit a Reward Pot

  • Open the Reward Pot you want to edit from your child’s dashboard

  • Tap the edit button in the top right corner

  • From here, you can change the Stickers required, the Sticker choice, their reward and the task that is being tracked

Approving / Completing a Reward Pot

  • Once all the Sticker slots have been filled, tap the option to ‘approve’ the Reward Pot as being completed!

  • You’ll also have the option to restart the pot if you want your child to save towards this reward again or close it if you want to remove the Reward Pot from their dashboard

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