IFTTT (which stands for ‘If This, Then That’) is a platform that connects different services together to make useful and fun things happen automatically.

There are 14 million users registered with the platform and there are over 75 million ‘Applets’ that you could connect to.

An ‘Applet’ connects two or more apps or devices together. It lets you do something that those apps or devices couldn’t do on their own! For example, you may want to automatically turn your lights on at sunset or automatically order a pizza when it rains - there’s an applet for that! And if you can’t find one for you, you can create it yourself.

IFTTT integrations can be set up via their website, or you can install the IFTTT app from the App Store or Play Store and create them from your device.

How to connect your Rooster account with IFTTT

The RoosterMoney integration with IFTTT is only available for families on the Rooster PLUS subscription. You can follow these steps to connect your account with IFTTT:

  1. Create your IFTTT account

  2. Search for the RoosterMoney service or go straight to our page here

  3. Click ‘Connect’

  4. Enter your RoosterMoney account login details to authenticate your account

  5. If you are a Rooster Card family, you will be required to enter the CVV for one of your children’s cards to authenticate your real money account

  6. Once you authenticate your account, you will be taken back to our IFTTT page

How to connect to a Rooster applet

When you are on our RoosterMoney IFTTT webpage, we have listed all the applets we've created which you can choose to connect to. All you have to do is:

  1. Click on the applet you want to connect to

  2. You will be taken to the applet page on IFTTT

  3. Tap on ‘Connect’

  4. You’ll be taken to the applet settings when you can choose which child you want to set the applet up for, amongst other things

  5. Click ‘Save’ and the applet is set up

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