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I need to reset my password!
I need to reset my password!

Forgotten your password? Find out how to reset it here.

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For Parents:

You can easily reset your password from the login screen of the App by clicking on the โ€˜Forgotten password?โ€™ link.ย 

Follow the steps to reset your password and you'll receive an email with your password reset link.

For children:

As an added level of safety for Parent and Guardians, children can't use the 'Forgotten password?' link to reset their password. However, parents have full control over their child's username and password and they can check both fields in the app and confirm this to the child.

  1. From the Parent Dashboard, tap the child's name to access their dashboard

  2. Select the 3 lines in the top right hand corner to open the menu

  3. Select Settings at the top of the list

  4. Tap Login details at the bottom of the list

  5. You can check passcodes, usernames and passwords

In the event that the child's username or password needs changing, parents just need to double tap this field in the app and then make any changes.

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