What is the 'Give' pot?

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If your child is supporting a cause or charity, they can now track their contributions from their allowance in the 'Give' pot. Whether it's a regular amount they are putting aside, or a one-off, they can see how much of their allowance they've used towards giving back. 

Your child can add money to their Give pot from their own dashboard:

  • From their dashboard tap the Give pot, then tap the the 3 dots in the bottom right hand corner

  • They can now select 'Transfer' and choose which pot to transfer money from (they will only be able to move money from pots that they can edit, if you have locked any pots then they will not be able to transfer money out of this pot and a red padlock will appear on the icon for that pot)

  • Once they've selected their pot, they can type in the amount to transfer

  • Hit 'Save' and then 'Transfer'

  • From their dashboard they can now see how much they have in the Give pot

Parents and guardians can also boost money directly to the Give pot:

  • From the Parent Dashboard, tap the '+' next to your Child's Account Overview

  • Scroll along until you've selected the Give pot

  • Enter the amount you want to boost over and ten hit Save> Next

  • Select a reason for the boost (your child will see this on their statement) and then tap the blue box at the bottom to confirm

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