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How to complete and approve Custom Pots with the Goal Purpose
How to complete and approve Custom Pots with the Goal Purpose

Has your child completed their goal? Find out how goals are approved and closed off!

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When a child on a virtual money (Tracker Account) completes saving for their goal, they will need to submit the goal to you for approval for it to be approved and closed off.

If your child is using real money (via a Rooster Card subscription), they will be able to complete and close off the goal themselves and return the money to their Rooster Card so they can purchase their goal.

Completing a Goal for a real money child with a Rooster Card subscription (Rooster Card Only)

1. If you child is logged into their own account:

  • Once your child has reached their Goal amount, a button will appear in their Goal that says “Move money to Spend”.

  • Your child can tap this to move the money to their Spend pot in order to make the purchase using their Rooster Card.

2. If you’re logged into your parent account:

  • An “Approve” button will show in your child’s pot, when you tap this, you’ll be given the option to either send the money to their Spend pot so they can make the purchase on their Rooster Card, or you can select the return to Parent Account option to move the money back to your RoosterMoney Parent Account - if you want to make the purchase on their behalf.

How to approve a goal for a virtual money child (free account)

Once your child has reached their goal amount and submitted the goal for approval, you will receive a notification to approve their Goal and an email if you have opted into Family activity updates.

You will be given the following options:

  • Reject the goal: this will delete the goal and return the virtual money saved in their goal to your child’s Spend Pot

  • Re-open the goal: this will re-open the goal and your child will have the option to submit the goal again. This may be useful if the goal amount has increased and you want them to continue saving. Just make sure you adjust the goal amount by tapping edit in the Goal pot.

  • Approve the goal: this will approve the goal and the virtual funds in the goal will be removed from your child’s account and then it’s up to you to fulfil the goal purchase for them.

After their Goal has been approved, the Goal pot will stay on your child’s dashboard in case you want to leave it there as a reminder for buying their Goal. When you want to clear it, you can tap on the Goal pot and tap the button to close the pot which will remove it from your child’s dashboard.

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