We all have goals we need to save for in life, whether it’s a new pair of trainers or buying our own house. 

Our Goals feature is a great way to get kids prepared for this and really thinking about the value of money. Both parents and kids can create goals, but it’s up to kids to allocate their pocket money towards them.

How do I add a Goal?

You or your child can create a goal from their dashboard by clicking on the 'Goals' pot. Once in the Goals pot, follow the steps below to add a new Goal.

  • Click the plus (+) icon to get started

  • Enter a 'Goal Name' then click 'Next'

  • Use the keypad to enter how much the Goal will cost and click 'Next'

  • To make the goal even more exciting, you can upload or take a picture, or find an image on Google to put against the Goal

  • Click 'Add Goal' to create the goal and add it to your list

Note: After you've created your first goal, to add a new one, click the plus (+) icon again in the bottom right.

Question: Can I make a change to my goal / delete it after I've created it?

Answer: Yes, just click into the goal, and in the top right corner you'll see an 'Edit' button. From there you can change the Goal name, amount, website link and image. Or you can tap 'Delete Goal' at the bottom to remove it all together.

Question: How is the Goals Pot different to the Save Pot?

Answer: The Save Pot is a great way for children to start to understand the need for “saving for a rainy day” or can be used if there isn’t anything in particular your child is looking to buy. However, the Goals Pot is a way for children to see their progress towards saving for specific items and is a great way to keep them motivated to continue saving.

Question: How do I add money to a goal?

Answer: Tap on the Goal that you’d like to add money to, then tap the blue transfer button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. For more information about how to add or remove money from Goals, see our help guide here.

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