RoosterMoney lets you get the whole family involved 

You can add an extra Parent or Guardian to help manage your family account by following these instructions:

  • Open the Menu in the top right from your parent dashboard 

  • Click on Manage Account

  • Tap the Plus (+) icon found in the Guardians section on the screen

  • Enter their email address and we will send them an invite to join your account

Once they've signed up, they can download the RoosterMoney app, login with the credentials they created and access all the same features as you!

Question: Can I add more than one extra parent or guardian?

Answer: You can only add one extra parent or guardian in the foundation version of RoosterMoney, but if you sign up to our PLUS subscription you can add as many extra parents or guardians as you like. Find out more about PLUS here.

Question: My secondary parent or guardian can't sign up using the link I've provided!


This can happen if they download our app and signed up before you sent them the invite. Unfortunately this means they have created a completely separate RoosterMoney account, and we can't merge it with yours. 

First they will need to delete their account from within the app by opening the menu on the right-hand side, tapping Manage Account, then tapping Account Settings and choosing Delete Account. 

Then the original parent will need to send over a new invite email, and the second parent/guardian will be able to use the unique link you sent to sign up to your family account.

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