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Logging into the Child Account
Logging into the Child Account

Find out how your child can log in and access their own account

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Each child that you add to your family account will have their own account.

You can choose how your child can access their account, and just like you, you child can use their account to see how much pocket money they have, as well as to create goals to save towards, put money in their savings or check their statement. For PLUS subscribers, your child can also use their account to tick off all the chores they’ve done, ready for you to approve.

You can create your child's login details, and you can check and change this as often as you like so that your child never loses access to their account.

There are two ways to log into the child account:

From your device

Parent's can access the child account on behalf of their children, and this is an ideal way for younger children to check their accounts if they don't yet have their own device

  1. Click on your profile photo in the top left corner of your Parent Account

  2. Select 'Switch User'

  3. Choose the account you want to access

  4. If this is the first time you are accessing this account, then you will need to set a passcode

  5. Enter the passcode twice to save it, or enter the passcode to access the account if you have previously set one up

From their own device:

Great for older children with access to their own devices. Once they've downloaded the app, follow these steps to get them set-up with a username and password to access their account

  1. From the Parent Dashboard on your own device, select the Menu in the top right hand corner

  2. Tap 'Manage Account'

  3. Select the child who's login details you wish to set up

  4. Select '[Child's name]'s Login Details'

  5. Ensure that your have selected 'Has his/her own device'

  6. From here you can set their Username and Password, which they can now use to access their Rooster Money account on their own device

Changing or checking your child's login details

If your child has trouble logging in, you can always check their access information.

  1. From the Parent Dashboard, select the Menu in the top right

  2. Tap 'Manage Account' and then select the Child who's login details you want to check

  3. Select '[Child's name]'s Login Details'

  4. You can then check the passcode they use to access their account on your device, or the username and password you created for them to access the account on their own device

To change the username or password, just double tap either field to edit it.

Be careful when creating the username or password, and make sure you haven't accidentally left a space at the start or end of either as this will be counted towards the username/password.

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