Primary Parents on version 9.7.0 or higher of the NatWest Rooster Money app can now order their own replacement card in the app.

  • From the family dashboard, tap Card underneath your Child's tile

  • Select Card Troubleshooting

  • Select the issue affecting your card

  • If the card is lost or stolen, you will be prompted to freeze the card before moving on to the next screen

  • On the next screen you can update the name on the new card, as well as confirm or update your postal address

  • Confirm the card order

Question: What if my child has lost their card, but then finds it after a new card has been ordered

If the replacement card has been ordered via the app, then you can re-activate the existing card. To do this tap Card underneath your Child's tile on the Family Dashboard and toggle on Card active.

The replacement card will still be dispatched and you will see the option to Activate the new card when it arrives, however, until the new card turns up, your Child will still be able to use their existing one.

Question: I need to change my address, will you re-run the security checks?

Yes. We will need to re-run the address checks to confirm that you are registered at your new address. For most customers, these checks will be approved instantly, however, if the move is recent or if your new home is a new built house, these checks may fail and we will need to reach out to you to get an updated Proof of Address document.

Question: I'm the additional guardian on the account, but I don't have the option to order a card in the app, how do I order a new card?

Only Primary Parents can order a replacement card in the app, if the Primary Parent isn't available to help you order the card, then follow the instructions below to get in touch with our team so they can assist in ordering a replacement card.

For additional guardians and customers on version 9.6.1 or lower of the NatWest Rooster Money app, you will need to reach out to the Customer Service Team on and they will assist you in replacing your card.

Please freeze the card immediately in the NatWest Rooster Money app:

  • From the Family Dashboard, tap Card underneath your child's name

  • Toggle off Card active

Please include in your message to

  • Confirmation that the card has been frozen

  • The name you want on the new card

  • Your full postal address

We will confirm once the new card has been ordered and it should arrive with you within 2-5 working days.

All families can receive their replacement card for free.

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