If you are struggling to log into the app, please reach out to our Customer Service team and they will be able to help you get logged back into your account.

The most common causes behind customers having issues with logging in:

  • They mistyped their email when setting up the account

  • They are trying to log into the account as a Secondary when they are a Primary (or vice versa)

  • They are using a gmail.com email address to login in, but used googlemail.com when they created their account

When you contact the Customer Service team, please ensure that you include in the message:

  • The First and Last Name that you used when you created your account

  • The email address you have used to create your account

If you are struggling to log into your account and you reach out to the team via the Web Chat and then close the Chat or Web browser you may not see the response from our Customer Service team. If you include your email in your message then the team will be able to locate your account and respond to you via email with instructions on what to do to recover your account.

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