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How to add a new Pot to your child’s dashboard
How to add a new Pot to your child’s dashboard
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All child accounts can have up to 5 pots.

Your child's account will already come with their Save & Give Pot. Tracker accounts will have the Spend pot, whilst Rooster Card users will instead have the Card pot.

In addition to these pots, you can also create custom pots and choose whether your custom pot is a Simple, Goal or Reward pot.

Simple - This no-frills pot can be used to hold onto a virtual balance.

Goal - If your child is saving up for something special you can use a Goal Pot to track how well they're doing against their goal amount

Rewards - This virtual sticker chart lets you agree an action/behaviour that you want from your child, and the reward they'll get as a result. You can pick the type of sticker and how many they need to get for their reward

To add an extra pot, just navigate to your child's dashboard and follow these instructions:

  1. From their dashboard tap '+ Add Pot'

  2. Select between Simple, Goal or Reward

  3. Follow the instructions to get your pot set up

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