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Child Chore Reminders
Child Chore Reminders

Want your children to be reminded about their chores? Find out how to set automated push notification reminders here!

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Note: You will need to have RoosterMoney app version 7.7.0 or higher to add chore reminders for your children

You can now add chore reminders for your children! They will receive a notification on their device to remind them to complete their outstanding chore. You can see how to get your child logged into their own account here.

Adding a new chore with a reminder:

You can set up reminders when adding a new chore. To do this, just follow the steps below:

  • Head over to your child’s chore list

  • Tap on the blue “+” button in the bottom right

  • Select a chore from the suggested chores list or add your own!

  • Set the chore to be a daily/weekly/monthly/due date chore

  • The last option on the add chore screen will show “No child reminders set,” just tap the drop down to select the time that you would like your child to be reminded of this chore

If “No child reminders set” is greyed out, this means that none of your children have chore reminders enabled. To fix this, just follow the steps below to enable your children’s reminders from their individual chore settings.

The reminders need to be set on each individual chore that you would like your child to be notified of if not yet completed.

Please note: Your child will need to have push notifications enabled on their device, you can view the steps to enable notifications here. We aim to notify your child at your set time, but occasionally it may get delayed by a few minutes.

Adding reminders for Chores set up prior to 7.7.0 release

You can also add chore reminders for chores that were added prior to the release of chore reminders. Just tap on the individual chore on your Master chores list to edit it and add the reminder. Don’t forget to tap Save in the top right when you’ve updated it!

Turning off chore reminders

Your child’s chore reminders are automatically enabled. If you’d like to pause them or turn them off, follow the steps below from your child’s chore settings:

  • Tap on “Chore” on your child’s tile

  • Tap on the settings cog in the top right

  • Toggle off “Enable Reminders” so it’s greyed out

  • Make sure to scroll back up to the top and tap “Save” in the top right corner when done

If you would like your child to start receiving notifications again, you can also enable your child’s chore reminders by following the steps above and toggle it on so that it’s blue. Just make sure to tap on “Save” in the top right when any changes are made!

Question: Why is there no chore reminder showing when I add a chore?

Answer: The chore reminder will only show on chores that are set for a specific date, whether it’s recurring or a one off chore. In order for the chore reminder option to show, a date needs to be added for when it’s due. You cannot add a reminder for any chores set as “Any Day.”

Question: Why am I only getting the option to set up a time and not a day for when I want my child to receive their reminder?

Answer: The date is automatically set, depending on when your chore is due to be completed. If your child’s chore was due to be completed on Friday, then your child would receive a notification at the time you select on Friday.

Question: Why is only one of my children receiving their chore notifications when both children are assigned to the chore?

Answer: Please make sure that both children have their chore reminders enabled in their chore settings, by tapping on “Chore” on your child’s tile and then tap the settings cog in the top right. From here you can see whether your child’s chore reminders are enabled. You will also need to make sure your child’s device has RoosterMoney push notifications enabled, just follow the steps here.

Note: If your child has a daily chore set with a reminder, they will receive this notification daily at the specified time you selected, if they haven’t already marked it as done.

If you have any questions about this then please get in touch via the Contact Us button in the app or via

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