Note: Skipping chores is only available on version 7.2.0 and higher

Sometimes you may wish to skip a chore if it can’t be completed due to no fault of your child. For example, if you pop out for a family meal one evening or your child has a sports match - meaning they won’t be setting the table that evening!

To skip a chore, tap select and choose the chore(s) you wish to skip and then tap “Skip” in the bar. Skipped Chores will show in your child’s “Skipped” list.

You can also skip a chore from the chore details. Tap the chore you want to skip and choose ‘Skip’.

Only a parent can skip a chore and can see the list of Skipped chores in the period. Your child will not see those chores on their list.

Only chores that are To Do or Overdue can be skipped. If a chore is awaiting your approval, you will not be able to skip it. However you can always Re-open the chore and then Skip it if needed.

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