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How to filter the chores list (Card Feature)
How to filter the chores list (Card Feature)

Want to filter the chore list to focus on just allowance chores? Or focus on clearing overdue chores? Find out how to filter the list here.

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You and your kids can now filter the chores list to focus on what’s important!

You can filter the list by the type of chore (allowance or extra earner) and by the state it’s in (e.g. to do, overdue, awaiting approval, done or missed).

To filter Chores:

  1. Head on over to your child’s chores list

  2. Tap the filter icon in the top right corner (to the left of the Settings cog)

  3. Here you can filter by status or by chore type

  4. Choose which chore status’ and type(s) you’d like to see

  5. Tap “Save”

To clear the filter:

  1. Tap back on the filter icon in the top right corner

  2. Tap “Clear filters” in the top right corner

  3. Tap “Save”

Additionally if you leave the chores list and return, the filters will reset to viewing all.

Note: You can tell when your list is filtered as you’ll see “Some chores may be hidden since filters are applied” at the top of your child’s list. You’ll also see a badge with a number on the filter icon which tells you how many filters you have selected.

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