How to edit or delete a Pot

Find out how to edit your child's Goal pots here.

Updated over a week ago

Both parents and children can edit a pot, however, Parents can choose to turn off this permission by selecting 'Child can edit pot' in the pot settings and switching it off. To edit or change a pot, first head to your child's dashboard:

  • Tap the Pot you want to edit

  • In the top right hand corner of the pot, tap the pen/paper icon

  • From the new screen, you can make any changes you want to the pot

  • If you no longer need a pot, you can also select 'Delete Pot' at the bottom of this screen as well

  • Once you're done, just hit Save

If you've hidden a pot and want to make it visible again:

  • From the child's dashboard, select the 3 lines in the top right hand corner

  • On the new screen, at the bottom of the list, select 'Customise Dashboard'

  • You can now toggle on/off visibility for your pre-existing pots

Please note that some accounts may have the legacy 'Goal' pot. These have now been replaced with the custom pots. Once visibility for the Goal pot has been toggled off, you will be unable to toggle visibility back on. However, you can now create a new custom pot and select the 'goal' type

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