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Can I link Allowance to chores?
Can I link Allowance to chores?
Find out how to link chores to your child's allowance via the PLUS subscription.
Updated over a week ago

The capability to add jobs or chores your kids can complete to earn their allowance is a feature you can get as part of our RoosterPLUS subscription.

In addition to setting up a regular allowance and ‘boosting’ your child’s account, with PLUS you can set up:

  • Allowance jobs children have to complete to earn their full allowance

  • Extra jobs to earn money on top of their allowance

You can upgrade your foundation account to PLUS at the following link to gain access to Jobs as well as the following features:

  • Unlimited guardians that can be added to your family account, like grandparents, aunties and uncles and more

  • Interest rates can be set for the safe to encourage long term saving

  • Regulars can be setup to encourage budgeting for things like subscriptions or phone bills

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