The Spend pot is similar to a bank current account and is where your child's allowance gets delivered.

From Spend your child can manage their money and, if they'd like, they can transfer it to their other pots (Save, Give and Goals). 

They can also track their income and outgoings by reviewing their transaction cards, as well as seeing the rooster move up and down their Spend graph

If your child would like to transfer funds from Spend to another pot (Save or Give), they can tap on the transfer icon (the blue button with two arrows) in the bottom right corner, and select which pot they'd like to transfer to.

A keypad will appear that they can enter the amount into. Your child can also reverse the direction of transaction by tapping on the arrow between the pots. 

When logged in as a parent, you have extra options available like making a Boost or Remove directly to the pot. When you click on the quick action icon (the blue button with 3 dots) in the bottom right corner, the options will appear for you.

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