What is the Spend / Card pot?

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For Tracker and PLUS customers, the Spend Pot helps families understand how much of the virtual wallet is available for the child to spend. It helps differentiate between available pocket money, and pocket money that has been set aside in a Savings or accustom Goal pot.

When parents use real money to buy something out of the Child's pocket money, they can remove the same amount from the virtual balance in the Spend to show that some or all of the available pocket money has now been spent.

For Rooster Card families, the Card pot shows the real money balance available on the Rooster Card. Your Child can only spend money that has been moved to the Card pot, so if they have money in a Savings or custom Goal pot this won't be used to pay for anything, if there isn't enough money in the Card pot to pay for an item (even though your Child has sufficient funds in another pot) then the transaction will be declined.

You and your child can track their income and outgoings by reviewing their Spend graph available in the Spend/Card pot.

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