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View a summary of your child's earning and spending
View a summary of your child's earning and spending

Find out how to view your child's statements and transaction history here.

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To review the transactions in your child's account, you can view the account Statement. This can be found in two places:

  1. From tapping the Account Total at the top of your child's dashboard.    

  2. Under your child's settings, you can also tap Statement.

To view previous months, just scroll left and right. 

If you'd like to review the transactions for a specific pot (Spend, Save or Give), you can do this by clicking the total from within the pot. 

From Statement you can view:

  • Allowance received

  • Funds boosted or removed

  • Goals that have been approved and fulfilled

  • Earnings from completed Extra jobs (PLUS/Card feature)

  • Interest earned from funds stored in Save (PLUS/Card feature)

  • Regular outgoings (PLUS/Card feature)

From History within a pot you can view:

  • Funds boosted and removed within that pot

  • Transfers between pots

  • Auto-saving amounts added

  • Interest earned on the Save pot (PLUS/Card feature) 

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