A boost is a one-off award of money


You can quickly make a Boost from the Family Dashboard by tapping the + sign next to your child's profile. 

After you've chosen the amount, you can also type in a reason for why the boost is being made and choose which pot (Spend, Save or Give) you want the Boost to go in to.

Some examples of why you might use a boost are:

  • Reward for good behaviour

  • Reward for achievements (like a good grade on their school report)

  • When they receive birthday money from grandparents

Another way to make a Boost is to navigate to the pot that you want to Boost and tap the '...' button in the bottom right corner, then select the Boost option.

How you choose to use boosts is up to you! Your kids can easily keep track of what Boosts have been made and the reasons for them by viewing their History (accessed by tapping the total amount at the top of the screen).

Question: Can I make the same boost to several children at the same time?

Answer: Yes you can! When you are adding a boost for a child, when you get to the 'Boost details' (after you've selected the amount), you will see the text 'Boost to multiple kids?' Tap the text where you'll be taken to a screen where you can select extra kids to send that boost to as well!

Question: Oops! I've made a mistake. Can I change the details for the boost I've made?

Answer: Unfortunately you can't make a change to a boost after it's been made. If you've over paid, you can always make a remove to make up for the extra amount you've put in!

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