Want to catch up with how you and your child are using RoosterMoney, or want an illustrated glance at their recent progress?

If you'd like to view a simplified view of your child's progression, open Settings from their dashboard and then tap on Progress as shown below. When your child is signed into their account, they can also access view Progress in the same way.

From the Progress screen, adults and children can track:

  • Boosts and Removes awarded
  • Goals created, requested and approved
  • Changes in account, profile avatar and themeĀ 
  • Changes to allowance settings
  • Allowance Jobs added and approved (PLUS feature)
  • Extra Jobs added and approved (PLUS feature)
  • Interest set and earned from funds stored in the safe (PLUS feature)
  • Regular outgoings and whether they have succeeded or failed (PLUS feature)

For a more in-depth view, use Statement as described in this article.

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